Membership Engagement for Small Staff Associations 

For many associations, the #1 member benefit is networking. While nothing replaces face-to-face interactions, more than ever association executives also need to deploy a wider variety of engagement tools to ensure your members still feel connected to your organization, and to one another. Check out MemberClicks handy guide for tips and tried and true methods of member outreach in our expanding digital world. 

Imagine this: Your membership committee has put together an amazing lineup of activities and events. They’re crowd-pleasers, a good mix of educational and social, and easily accessible by members and guests. Best of all, people are actually showing up! But will they continue showing up over time?

Only one word ensures they will: engagement.

There are multiple ways to engage your members, and we’re here to break them down and help you determine which ones might be a good fit for your association. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Click here to download the full guide by MemberClicks here.